Site Analysis in 24 Hours

Don’t wait weeks for your lot fit matrix

Kaspa is a revolution in site analysis, a game-changing automation service for builders of new communities.

Understanding what floorplans fit on each lot of land is crucial in planning a new community. Kaspa delivers a lot fit matrix and site plans for your optimal floorplan and lot combinations in 24 hours.

Smarter, faster, cleaner

Manually siting floorplans means analyzing endless possible combinations – and losing money to human error and wasted time.

We utilise our revolutionary technology to deliver you lot fits at a fraction of the cost.

Our system tests over 5000 placements per second and carefully selects the best possible placement for each lot of land – fast. This eliminates mistakes, saves money, and puts invaluable data in the hands of your team faster, saving you 95% of time compared to traditional, manual methods.


Countless hours saved

Reduced costs

No facade or option limits

Increased accuracy

Make better decisions, faster


Validate every possible floorplan, facade/option and lot combination

Lot fit matrix spreadsheet

Beautiful custom branding

Simple online ordering

PDF site plans

Custom Upgrades


Kaspa is available to all new community builders on a POA basis.

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We are now formally accepting interest for trials throughout North America. Interested? We'd love to hear from you.